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Which school had the best admissions video for 2020?

Which school had the best admissions video for 2020? (answers are anonymous)  

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  1. 1. Which school had the best admissions video for 2020? (answers are anonymous)

    • University of British Columbia
    • University of Alberta
    • University of Toronto
    • Western University
    • Queen's University
    • McMaster University
    • Northern Ontario School of Medicine
    • University of Ottawa
    • Université de Sherbrooke
    • Memorial University of Newfoundland

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I am really bored and looking for ways to pass the time, so I spent the last 20 minutes compiling a list of all the interview/admissions videos for the 2019/2020 application cycle that I could find. Inspired by the Oscars, I turned this into a poll (answers are anonymous). Feel free to vote for whichever school you thought had the best interview video, or if you're particularly loyal, just vote for the medical school you currently attend/will be attending to show the competition who is boss around here.

I tried my best to find as many videos as I could. If your school made one and it is not on this list, you can comment it below.

Feel free to leave comments as to why one video is superior to another! Let the games begin!

University of British Columbia:


University of Alberta:


University of Toronto:


Western University:


Queen's University:


McMaster University:


Northern Ontario School of Medicine:


University of Ottawa:


Université de Sherbrooke:


Memorial University of Newfoundland:


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3 hours ago, Boater223 said:

Don't forget about us East Coasters!

Memorial University of Newfoundland:


I'm also a big fan of their interview video they made back in 2017:



I couldn't find this one at first - my bad! I have added it to the original list and poll above. Thank you for sharing!

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2 hours ago, MedGoldfish said:

How did it go? What's the verdict!

I had already watched a few of the Ontario ones a while ago, almost made it through them all, but I had early lab meeting so I caved before the last 2-3. 

Queen's is a cinematic masterpiece, but I do also love Western's plot, especially as a little "week in the life" snippet (but maybe I'm a little biased now LOL). Tough call between the two. 

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Okay so I took some time to watch/rewatch a few of the videos in full, and I have some short reviews for y'all...

University of Toronto

A+ production value. Seriously, it looked like a legitimate movie??? The cinematography, singing, and choreography were all excellent. I especially loved the Billie Eilish MAM scene. While the video quality was superb, the comedic factor was not as strong as other schools. Wish there were more funny moments.

Queen's University

Definitely the funniest interview video I've seen so far this cycle. The jokes were hilarious. The match rate joke... the scream singing... the meme references. Truly top-notch. However, the video quality could not live up to Toronto. Also, some of the dancing was a little... ?suggestive? Typical Queen's I guess...

University of Ottawa

One word: cute. It was very adorable. The songs were awesome, the dancing was energetic, and it all felt very fun. There were some songs that were cringier than others, but they didn't make me cringe as hard as other videos. The main issue I have with Ottawa's video is that it didn't have a central storyline running throughout. Personally, I prefer a story with a final message rather than a compilation of scenes. But the scenes were so, so cute.

I wish this could be my day job. I'll type some more reviews later!

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The best admissions video has been the University of Saskatchewan's for 2014: 

This followed the format of the American version of The Office in a sea of copycats that kept making cringe-worthy musicals.

UT made an Office parody in 2019, but USask were the originals. 

All those videos from 2020 are completely unoriginal. Boring.  

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