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Trying to build on a business related EC

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Hey guys,

I am not applying this cycle, however, I am trying to continue to build my resume and ECs. When I started my undergrad I almost decided to go the non-traditional route and pursue a business major, but in the end I decided against it. As I have continued through my degree I have realized my passion for business and want to build on that passion for an EC and potentially a "Top 10" experience.

I have taken a personal finance class which led me to a significant amount of research in my personal time on the subject. I am also going to be taking a class on the stock market this coming year with the intent of getting involved there. I am also going to volunteer at a student tax clinic at my school next year. Would this be sufficient to use for a "Top 10" experience or an EC? I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can bolster this passion of mine (volunteer opportunities, etc.)? Do they know of anyone who has used a passion for business for their ECs or "Top 10" aside from starting a business?

TL;DR... I am in search of ideas to strengthen my ECs, particularly in the area of business. Any ideas?

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"passion for business" is not a noteworthy EC. However, having diverse interests, including finance/business, is fine to talk about in appropriate contexts. Tax clinic volunteering would be something you could include as a noteworthy EC. ECs given the most "value" on applications are those that show healthcare involvement, those that show volunteerism/selflessness, those that serve communities in need (homeless/minority/addictions etc), unique/diverse experiences, "prestige" (Awards, starting successful non-profits, Olympic athlete, etc) those that show commitment (long lasting), and generally more time is better.

If you can turn your passion for business into something(s) that convey this, then go for it.

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I am a Biochemistry major, but I am also doing a minor in Business. I have definitely become involved with an organization that focuses on young entrepreneurs and allows students in Business to go to various schools, like elementary schools, junior high and high schools in the area, and give presentations regarding businesses, managing your finances, how to be an entrepreneur, marketing skills, and other skills as well. It is helping tremendously with my public speaking and leadership skills, and in other areas as well. I encourage you to get involved in something that you are passionate about, and not just because it will look good on an application, or be a wonderful Top Ten experience.

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