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USDO then Canadian residency?

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You would most likely do residency in the US, then come back over and get licensed. 

You can apply for residency in Canada, and if you do some electives in Canada, there is a chance - but no one can predict how your individual chance will be in the IMG pool for CaRMS. All we can say is that the overall stats for IMGs matching in Canada for residency is abysmal. 

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You would apply as an IMG, as opposed to CMG equivalent from a USMD school. That being said, the numbers of USDO applicants are so relatively small I have no context for how they fare relative to say Irish/Australian/Caribbean graduates. Theoretically a USDO may have more opportunity for Canadian electives and school support than a Caribbean graduate. USDO will also have the advantage of being able to apply as a non-IMG to American residencies as a backup which is a huge advantage.

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4 hours ago, Keekz said:

Do you guys think a DO trying to match to family med or psyc would have an easier time matching than an IMG from the Caribbean for example?

In a US residency, 1000%. The issue some Caribbean students have is that they do their pre-clerkship on the island, then their clerkship is usually assigned to a US hospital, sometimes students will have to find rotations on their own, and usually they are on their own for all their electives. Not all places will take IMG electives. I don't know how difficult it is to do electives as an IMG in Canada, but theoretically a USMD/USDO may have an easier time. Assuming you go to a reputable DO school that has taken Canadians in the past, you should be able to get more support from your school, than some places which do not offer their students much support.

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