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Which Academy to choose?

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I feel like I would be happy at any academy I am placed in but can you guys give me some extra insight on why a particular academy might be better for my situation?

Location: I will be living downtown but I can also live uptown where I would be fairly close to NYGH

Specialty: at the moment I'm very open to choosing any specialty and I'm planning on shadowing as much as possible - I'm really taking a let me see what it's about mindset before writing off any particular specialty (except maybe psychiatry because I reallyyy don't think it suits my personality).

Research: I like the concept of doing research (don't actually always love doing it though) and I feel like I will do at least some research to be more competitive for residency. 

Here are some of the pros and cons I have for each academy (the order isn't how I'm ranking them):

1. WB

- Pros: Has the most diverse network of hospitals out of the academies, most hospitals near downtown core so minimal commute is needed

- Cons: Might have more gunners, may be less collegial (bit of a generalization and I'm sure many of WBer's are really friendly)

2. PB

- Pros: I heard that it's quite tight knit because of time together during commutes and the students are veryyy well supported, heard good things about the tutors at Sunnybrook

- Cons: Commute

3. Fitz

- Pros: Small and tight knit, my dad said St. Michael's  was his favourite hospital to learn at when he was in medical school (30 yrs ago tho lol), interested in social determinants of health

- Cons: Learning seems to primarily be at St. Michael's - clinical exposure to different specialties limited?


Thanks in advance and any insight is much appreciated! I'd also love to hear what other 2T4s who are trying to decide are thinking.

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All sounds pretty reasonable. I'd just say that your con for SMH isn't a concern; it offers every specialty (except thoracics, which is offered at St. Joe's), so you won't be limited in your clinical experience if you end up doing all/most your rotations there. And you can still shadow at any of the hospitals as a U of T student!

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