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Hi all,

I am listed as second author for a poster/abstract being submitted to a virtual conference this summer.

I’m not sure of the specifics of the conference, but I will not actually be the one “presenting” the work, but I did contribute greatly (it was a collaboration between my lab and another lab at a different university). 

Is this something that would be appropriate for the “Research” section of the ABS in OMSAS applications? 

Sorry in advance if this is silly! The research section of the ABS is kind of a grey area for me so I thought I would ask!

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It would indeed go into this section :)

Rule of thumb for the ABS is that it has to add something to your app (speaks to a recurring orientation/strength of yours or related to a canmed role and you can make that apparent in the short description). So if that's one of your best research type entries then put it, if you have to boot another entry to fit this one then you start weighing what adds more value to your application as a whole. 

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Have you already seen the document in which the speaker who will present the work wrote his speech? When I work with someone, we share the work according to our abilities. I always make creative presentations, including integrations, enticing GIFs, and suitable template fragments from Okslides. When my work partner works with me, he writes the text of the speech. He makes a Word document and sends it to me. He always asks me to make some changes. After all, when someone reads your future speech, he looks at the text with a fresh look and sees mistakes.

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