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how to optimize a COVID summer?

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Given the COVID situation, many of the extracurricular activities/events/research opportunities that I had lined up for these next months have been cancelled, I was wondering if anyone knows of some good organizations that are looking for medical students for the summer? Also what are you guys doing during your covid-19 summer to make it productive? 

I know CARMS is a long way ahead for me (I'm a MED1), but since so many of my cool ECs got cancelled, I'm worried that I will waste these next few months and not build a strong CV.

Thanks for your input :) 

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If you're looking for volunteering I know some helplines are looking for people right now, depending on what inspires you some ideas are helplines for eating disorders, teen suicide or social isolation for older adults. Although it's more a job,  contact tracing/public health work-from-home offers could also be interesting ! 

If you really love quantitative research, what I would do if I had the time and no lab affilitation is look up free access databases and see if I can do stats/write an article on a subject of interest.

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