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Hey Johnboy, incoming MS1 here.

I'm also looking into MOTP. I need to get more concrete details from the recruiting folks, but based on my conversations with a few past, and current MOTP/MMTP students, it varies depending on the needs of the military at that time. There's a few residencies highlighted on the recruiting website that are more in demand, and could be covered; emergency medicine, orthopedics, anasthesiology, psychiatry, PHPM.. I believe they also fund +1s in Emerg'.

I think the general process is, you finish FM and work as a GD-MO (General Duties Medical Officer - Aka Family Doc) for a few years (3-5?) after which you could potentially apply for that second residency. Financially, it would mean getting paid an MO salary while undergoing a 5(+) yr residency, with a 5 year return of service (ROS) afterwards.

Feel free to PM or be in touch if you want to chat further.

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Currently a military anesthesia resident after completing MOTP/MMTP and four years of service as a family physician.

To answer your question, MOTP/MMTP cannot complete a +1 before practice. As above, FM must be completed as MOTP/MMTP. After three years of service as a GDMO, there is opportunity for re-training (if selected) but available positions will vary depending on CAF requirements and funding. The CAF military specialist group is a relatively small number so it is difficult to forecast what positions will be open year-to-year as it would depend on retirements/releases and operational requirements.

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