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Petition to have universities accept winter 2020 grades

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Came across this today: https://www.change.org/p/medical-school-admissions-committees-accept-winter-2020-marks?fbclid=IwAR0-XGNHBjHqm42Rmiy1nIZlENnEOAv5Z64ooIAqzn6xf7pUhUveUUwCqCw
Student's who completed their thesis this year or took many full year courses would have spent the grand majority of their class in class, with only about 2 weeks online. It seems unfair that medical schools like Wester, Queens, UofT and Dal would exclude these grades for all future cycles. 

U of Calgary previously did not accept winter 2020 grades but changed their policy after hearing student opinions'. This may not work but it's worth a shot!

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Thank you for sharing this. I empathize and do want students who had to use Pass/Fail or CR/NCR courses in W2020. But this also had a significant impact on students in these situations. I myself had 80% of my 4th year grades released in the winter semester, as did many others. Hopefully this can be either amended to provide consideration to BOTH students who benefit or are now disadvantaged by this policy. 

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