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Physics 1028 vs Physics 1301 UWO

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I did med sci a while back when the profs were different so take my advice with a grain of salt. Back then I heard 1028 was physics in the context of life sci so a little weird to adjust to whereas 1301 is just straight physics, so I went with 1301 and 1302, did decent on them but I should've done the easier ones to save me the headache of trying to raise my GPA after midterms and did drop my year 1 gpa a little. I felt like 1301/2 were definitely harder than highschool physics, I had to study longer, and got slightly poorer grades. Only thing that saved me were labs honestly. Whereas peers who just did the 1028 version rode the bell curve to high 80s/low 90s. I had a friend who did 1301 first sem and switched to 1029 and did better. If you haven't done gr 12 don't do 1301 or 1302 or you're in for a lot of catching up. Every course does matter and I would recommend the above comment and always summer school the hardest required courses or take the easier version! Physics in first year and stats in second year summers. Heres some bonus: look into applied math for sem 2 if you can take that and see what people have been saying about the prof/course recently. Also have you posted/searched on the facebook group? Must ask uwo or something?

Good luck and welcome to med sci!

tl;dr: learn from my mistakes: GPA is king, take the easier courses whenever possible or summer school the known gpa killers

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