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Taking a Fifth Year Due to COVID-19

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Does anyone know if it will be okay for medical schools if I defer a year or just take an additional year due to COVID-19? I am a Biochemistry major and a Business minor, who was planning on completing my degree in four years, but obviously COVID-19 completely messed things up, and I think I have to take an extra year now. There are a couple of microbiology lab courses that are online next year, but I would like to take them in person since they are extremely engaging, and I want to genetically modify bacteria in person than online. I am planning on applying to UBC, U of C, and U of A, and I currently just finished my second year. I am planning on taking three more years, all with a full course load, and five courses each semester. I would like to know how UBC, U of C, and U of A would look at my grades then, and from which years they will take my grades, as I am planning on applying during my fifth year, or once I have graduated, so I will be eligible for aGPA or wGPA at all of the schools. If anyone applied to those schools with a fifth year, could you please let me know about your experience, and how your grades were calculated? Thank you in advance.

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