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This is from the USyd Admissions Guide: “Offers will be made in sequence commencing with the applicant with the highest ranked score. Should it arise that applicants are ranked equally, the University

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of ties especially with something like the dat where most applicants are going to be between low-mid 20s for score

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On 9/9/2020 at 10:32 PM, Makki faeq said:

Hello I was wondering what your gpa was to get accepted to Melbourne ? I calculated my gpa from my final 3 years and I had a gpa of 3.9. I haven’t done my dat yet but will be doing it this coming November. Also, i got rejected from Griffith Charles and another one because my overall gpa was low due to my first year grades being equivalent to trash. So I was wondering what are my chances at Melbourne and uwo given my gpa ? Also I was wondering how they would evaluate the last three years. Do they do it based on the course number ? Because it took me five and a half years to complete my degree and in the process I was taking second year courses alongside my final year courses so I’m wondering if they count the second year courses in the second year pool or if they count it in my last year as well. Sorry for the long post 

I was accepted to Melbourne this cycle with 3.93 (weighted 3 years) and a 23 AA DAT. 

-to note based on what you said, they would just do your last 3 years doesn't matter the second year courses you took in last year

I also interviewed at UWO with a 3.98; however, they are more holistic and you need to have a good personal statement.

Hope this helps you and future applicants.

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21 hours ago, Medhopeful1993 said:

I haven’t been able to find a fb group and I’m getting antsy. I’m just going to make one and add all of you folks if you are interested! Inbox me your names so I can add you :)

We have a Facebook group for Australian applicants in the 2021 intake cycle. Message me and I will add you to it.

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10 hours ago, dgdg1 said:

you guys think they'll open borders for international students? 

It is very hard to say right now but everything changes on a day to day basis. It will be their summer in January so hopefully COVID-19 cases decrease a little and they open their borders up. It is unfortunate that Sydney did not transition to online for international students.

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5 hours ago, skyhighheels said:

did anyone get a reply from sydney to suspend the application? do you guys know when we will get the admission results?

Everyone who is not currently in Australia as of right now will have to suspend their application and either refund the fee or hold it until the 2022 entry. Basically, unless you're in the country right now, we won't be getting any admission results at all (from what I understand) and will just have to wait until next cycle where hopefully things will be back to normal

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