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Reference advice please

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Hey there.

I'm not familiar with references for Alberta but for Ontario OMSAS, references are done in a standardized form now (you can check it out here https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-referees/). What this means is that regardless of which referees you choose, as long as they can comment on the qualities (communication, empathy, professionalism, and problem-solving, point of improvement) asked for on the form you'll be alright. They're not supposed to cover all the CANMED points either but to make sure that they can complement each other to form a holistic picture of you ;). Ask them kindly if they could use specific examples for each question to make it personal.

Also you mentioned "advocacy". While volunteering is definitely one of it, I feel like TA-ing can be described in such a manner too. As a TA, did you ever have to "advocate" for a student, getting them help from the prof and and giving support when they need it? This is similar to how you'll be advocating for your patients when pushing for a test result, asking for consults, referral, looking for 2nd opinion etc. So I would go with one of the TA supervisors/mentors if I were you.

Hope this helps!

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14 minutes ago, AB27 said:

@DrOtterThat does help! The only 2 who I think could provide examples of empathy are 6 and 7. My problem is I am not sure these would be seen as objective or not. #6 was also my landlord for a while so maybe that adds objectivity, no one likes their landlord et vv lol

Hi! I do not think references are expected to be completely objective. You should pick people who know you well but that are not family or friends. My references were either professional (work supervisors) or academic (research supervisors). They all wanted me to get into medical school. They knew me in a professional setting, but I wouldn't say that they were objective. 

I don't think your references need to have prior knowledge of canmeds. I simply gave mine examples of the canmeds that I displayed while working with them. 

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