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Hey everyone,
In anticipation of a chunk of first semester being online, I am trying to find ways to make studying at my family home a bit easier. I never studied at home during undergrad (went to the library, coffee shops, etc.) so I'm a bit worried I'll get little done.

Anyone have advice, products, techniques that they've found effective for studying at home with family members (either in med or undergrad)? I've been told to get noise cancelling headphones and a comfortable chair... anything else?

Many thanks

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Set the same 3-4 hours a day as your "work hours" where you'll just work every day and everybody in the house knows it. So you ideally won't have any interruptions during that time and you'll be in the routine of actually working during that time yourself. 

I'd be so much more productive if I could follow my own advice...

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6 hours ago, DocBrown9 said:

Netflix subscription is key. Preclerkship is a joke. Enjoy the extra time with your family, study the minimum, enjoy life. Learn about different specialties however you can with this whole online curriculum. 

Preclerskhip isn't a "joke" - it's kind of a grind, but I agree it doesn't feel super important. Study as much as you can and want, and don't stress - the real learning will come after. You'll realize that most of the detail you're taking in during preclerkship will go out the window, and those major concepts that will be important will stick.

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