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Hey everyone, I am an incoming MS1 at uOttawa. I am looking to live alone in an apartment, preferably at one of these two locations: RGN or downtown. Are there any bachelors apartments that medical students have lived previously in? We are not to get a housing list until the COVID19 situation is cleared so we need to hunt for places on our own. Thanks in advance!

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Hey, I have spent the past two weeks looking for single apartments in Ottawa. I can tell you now that it's difficult to find a place that seems decent but is also fair-priced, so some input from current students would be really helpful. I am trying to find a building that has parking, which makes it even more difficult and has limited my search quite a bit, so perhaps my experiences won't be reflective of yours. 

If you're willing to settle on a bachelor, you will open your options up a lot more, but a fair warning that the bachelor apartments are tiny (think like 300-400 sq ft). Your best bet is to look at the major listing websites (Padmapper, Rentcafe, etc) along with Kijiji. Kijiji is useful for finding smaller buildings that aren't listed on the larger sites. 

Near RGN there are a bunch of apartments on Riverside Drive, about $1300-1400 for a single if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, if you look around online, there are tons of people complaining about bed bug and cockroach infestations. I might sound snobby here, but with the stress of medical school, I'm doing my best to avoid having to live with bugs. There are several apartments in Elmvale that look quite nice and probably have the best ratio of 'luxury':price that I've found among the larger apartment buildings. 

Downtown, things get pretty expensive. There are a group of apartments near the uOttawa main campus (Lees Avenue), decently priced but again lots of bad reviews and complaints of bugs online. Past that point as you move further downtown, prices seem to sky rocket pretty high. For single apartments you're looking at like $1500-1600 at the minimum. Bachelors I wasn't really paying attention to, but probably around $1300. If you have a car, parking downtown can cost $200/mo in some buildings, it's ridiculous. 

If you're open to living in a partitioned house, I saw several around the Glebe for not too expensive. No air conditioning unfortunately though, and the places certainly aren't luxurious (old buildings), but you're in a great location. 

If you aren't picky, it will probably be pretty easy to find a place. For example, here's the first listing that just popped up for what looks like a really nice bachelor's apartment in Sandy Hill for $1150-$1400 a month: https://www.padmapper.com/buildings/p353790/sandy-hill-apartments-353-friel-st-at-353-friel-st-ottawa-on-k1n-7w7#back=%2Fapartments%2Fottawa-on

If anyone has any suggestions, please please please let us know!





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If you're down for two bedrooms, check out the L'avantage building right next to the hospital complex if it's within your budget. I think it's like $2100-$2300 a month (for a 2 bd), but it's literally the only building within close-walking distance to RGN as far as I'm aware and it looks incredibly nice. From Google Maps, it looks like it's about a 10 minute walk, only about five of which seem to be outdoors if you cross through The Ottawa Hospital.

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