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On 6/15/2020 at 4:41 PM, MedicineLCS said:

Please don't be the high schooler who starts studying for the MCAT. You're setting yourself up for early burnout. 

First year hits even smart high schoolers hard, wait until the middle/end of 2nd year for the earliest start, and only if you're competitive as a 3rd year applicant. 

Okay thanks for your advice!

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You definitely definitely do not need to study this early!! I wrote the MCAT August after second year university and started studying May of second year university (giving me a little less than 4 months of study time). I have a friend who studied for only two months and still did very well. If you're super keen maybe start a few months before that, but any more than that is unnecessary and you'll probably just forget the material before your test date. Offmychestplease was definitely being sarcastic haha

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