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Winter 2020 grades petition

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Please consider signing this petition if you want McGill to consider your 2020 winter grades. Students have paid large sums of money to acquire the education and grades necessary to apply to McGill medical school. To not consider a semester and possibly a full year’s grades is essentially saying that we paid our universities and colleges for nothing.

Here is the linkhttp://chng.it/4MzySP7H

Proposal: Give Us an Option

Simple yet effective, McGill Medical School's Office of Admissions should allow applicants to choose the option to make the Winter 2020 grades be considered or not. 

1. If this semester's grades help the applicant, the applicant should choose for it to be considered.
2. If this semester's grades hurt the applicant, the applicant should choose for it to not be considered. 


Thank you all for your support!

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I know the decision is frustrating, from my understanding the reason to exclude comes from the fact that most students did not have formal final exams for winter 2020 at McGill university. 

I know that this is not true for all universities so I can only speak for McGill,   i know that at McGill my friends told me the exams they did have in science were open book and they had either 2 or 3 days to complete it, so all 3 of them managed to get a 4.0 gpa for the semester due to the fact that formal exams were cancelled and they were able to use their notes and the internet to complete the final exams over the course of either a  48/72 hour time window. 

I know the decision might be frustrating given the work done earlier in semester but I think in order to level the playing field with other students this is why mcgill took the decision to not count the 2020 grades since from friends who are enrolled all exams at mcgill were take home for winter 2020 which allowed students to work in teams to complete them as well and significantly boost their gpa. I understand that because mcgill itself didn't have a software/platform set up to enforce monitoring of final exams for winter 2020 they decided to do this to even the playing field for students who took the course and had a final exam last year versus a take home exam and were allowed to work on it with friends and use their notes for example. The second reason comes from the fact that students may have been negatively impacted as a result of loss of income and part time jobs, loosing a family member as a result of covid-19, taking care of family members impacted by covid 19, financial difficulties due to parents loosing jobs and may not have been able to complete the courses or complete it properly, or lacked resources at home ( wifi, proper internet etc)  so to try not to penalize these students the 2020 grades were also not counted. 

I realize students worked still hard on their courses and I am not discounting this in any way but I  also know that having a take home final is different from a final formal examination. 

if you were not at McGill and had a proctored formal exams this is frustrating and upsetting, so if you took a course where an exam was proctored online and had a formal exam I would ask to have that university write a letter attesting the exam was a proctored exam under full examination conditions, and then inform the McGill admissions committee of this? I took some courses at queens which had proctored midterm and finals so in that situation I think McGill may take this into account and we can justify it? I think if you had a take home final McGill is trying to be as fair as possible and evaluating applicants and unfortunately it probably can't count as it's difficult to compare an applicant that had a take home final worth 70 percent versus a student who wrote a final exam under full examination conditions worth that same 70 percent. However, I think if you did a proctored exam it should definitely count and perhaps a formal letter from your university can help the case. 

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