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This is going to sound really stupid but I can't find the answer online. It seems to be about 3-5 years, but I saw salaries for PGY-9s in Ontario as well. Does that mean residency can be up to 9 years for some specialties?? And can you detail how long residencies are for specialties (whichever ones you know)? 

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7 hours ago, bearded frog said:

You got most of them, but just to make 2 corrections: Peds is 4 years, but you can start fellowship after 3rd year (or 4th year in some places) otherwise you just finish after your 4th year. Gen surg is 5 years.

GIM is also either 1 or 2 years depending if you go through the Carms GIM fellowship or just extend your internal residency by 1 year. I believe cardiac surgery is also 6 years.

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