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3 hours ago, MedGoldfish said:

Apparently UBC and Alberta both announced that they will be fully online for the fall semester. Surprised because the western provinces are doing better in terms of COVID than Ontario.

They probably want to keep doing better is my guess. Calgary is starting fully online (no surprise here since classes start on July 6th) but initially we were informed that we would transition to in-person classes by September. After getting our final schedule tho it looks like they just meant that the first big exam (which will be sept 14th) will be on site and at least for now, the whole rest of the fall semester seems to be planned as online.

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8 hours ago, MedD said:

I know that UofT is also fully online! They sent out an email a couple of days ago

With optional in-person activities though! I’m actually kinda surprised UofT is even offering a decent chunk of things (limited attendance lectures & anatomy) in person while provinces that are clearly doing better covid-wise are fully online.

But regardless hopefully we’re all able to get back to in person asap; experiencing med with our classmates is an irreplaceable part of the experience  

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