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If anyone is a low income medical school applicant, or from a disadvantaged racial or social background, I am willing to offer mentoring, application consultation, application editing, and interview preparation if you should get an interview.

A bit about me - I was raised in a low income immigrant family and was the first person in my family to go to university. I was fortunate enough to gain acceptance into an MD PhD program many years ago (or at least it feels like a long time ago...). Over the years I have watched medical school become harder and harder to get into (not that it was easy to begin with), particularly for those from low SES. With recent changes to admission, such as the BSAP, and programs like the Community of Support (COS) at UofT, this seems to have made things better, but it still remains exceeding challenging. In full disclosure, in the past I have charged for my services, around $100-150 an application. For each application, given the amount of time I spend on each application, this came out to around $20/hr. Over the years I have probably edited over 100 applications for both friends and clients. I have never been a part of the admissions committee (and will not be, due to the conflict of interest), but I do have an excellent understanding of what medical schools are looking for. Over the years, discussion with my peers and self reflection have led me to the conclusion it would better my personal development to offer my services for free to those that have difficulty finding mentors or affording application services.

Please PM me if you match the criteria listed at the onset of this post, if you want more information. Please circulate this to others who may find this useful. My time is unfortunately a bit limited these days, but if I feel like I'm approaching my limit, I can try to refer you to some of my colleagues who may help you for free as well.


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