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Hi everyone.My situation is a little complicated.I need some guide....I live in an Asian country.I have completed my bachelors degree in cell biology in my home country,and I do not have the PR too.since my chances of getting into dentistry schools without PR is almost nothing,I need to apply for a student visa and after finishing a degree(masters or second bachelors), I must find a job and then I will be eligible to apply for PR...my questions are:

1.Do dental or medical schools in canada accept international bachelors?or I must repeat all the courses in canada again?

2.my gpa is 3.45/4.00 and my last 2 years is 3.7/4.00,should I apply for masters or second bachelors?which one help me to find a job easier? (Since I need to have 1 year work experience in canada to apply for PR)..

3.And which one help me to improve my CV?

4.And also which province is better for me to be its resident?which province is less competitive?

Thanks in advance

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I have the same situation with probably the same home country (according to your name). I have completed my B.Sc. in microbiology outside of Canada and have done a masters in biochemistry in Canada. I'm currently working for a company, hoping to get my PR soon and then apply to the med school. I think your GPA is a little low so if money is not a problem, I suggest you do another B.Sc. in Canada to increase your chances both for finding a job after graduation and for getting into med or dental school. By the way, through some research and by emailing different universities, I found out that Canadian universities accept your B.Sc as long as an accredited institute (WES) verifies your transcripts and degree. I'm studying for MCAT now to try my chances next year (If I get my PR on time)! Feel free to contact me in a year or two to check how I did. lol

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I think we are form the same country guys based on your usernames . I have an undergraduate and master's degrees form a university in my home country) and a second master's from UBC. Based on my research, at least in theory, the institution you receive your degree from doesn't make a change. After all, there is a huge difference between getting your undergrad from a community college in Canada and a more rigorous university, but still, the admission committees only care about your GPA. That being said, I used WES to verify my transcripts and I felt that they had been a bit unfair in converting my grades to the letter-based format. I am planning to start a second undergrad and apply after the second year (most schools allow it). It also gives you some time to accrue volunteering experiences. You probably would have a hard time verifying the volunteering activities you have done in your home country from Canada. Not being a PR shouldn't be an issue since you probably can apply for and receive your PR in less than a year usually.

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