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Course-Based Master's Completion

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My understanding is that you would not be considered a grad applicant. You have to have the course-based Masters conferred (which occurs at convocation itself, I believe) to be considered a grad applicant, but could be worth an e-mail to admissions to see if there's a way you can provide proof of program completion instead. I doubt it, but seems worth a shot for the grad bonus. It is worth noting that you have to complete grad program requirements by June 30th on the year of entry as a grad applicant to be considered anyways though.

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On 6/25/2020 at 12:38 AM, throwaway3321 said:

I would be interested to know what you hear!

Apparently, I won't be considered as a grad applicant. Was also confirmed via email as well. With a wGPA of 3.75, I wonder if I'll be considered for a file review as an undergrad applicant. 


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