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Part 1 of Application and CASPer registration

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Hi guys,

I've completed part 1 of the application for Dal and it's been processed now. On my application summary it says following Application Status: Incomplete items outstanding - does anyone else have this showing? Im wondering if it's just because part 2 isn't complete yet? I have already paid the application fee and ordered a transcript from my undergrad university.

Also, I'm trying to register for CASPer but haven't received by Banner ID yet. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the Banner ID after completing part 1?

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I believe it says incomplete items outstanding because the things you have submitted (e.g. fee payment, MCAT, transcripts) haven't been received or haven't been verified yet. Also, I think that the banner ID comes with section 2 (which will be available on July 6, as per their website).

Hope that helps!

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