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Quebec resident second undergrad and working full time

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Hi everyone,

I need some brutally honest feedback because sometimes I feel I am too ambitious and dream too high. 

I am married and have toddler. In terms of career, I am an engineer and currently work in management consulting for one of the too consulting firms.

I have been thinking about medicine for a few years now however the maternity leave gave me the chance to really consider what I want in life. During my maternity leave I decided to apply for a second undergraduate degree to boost my GPA. FYI, my first degree GPA from engineering is 3.2. I have not gotten into the program and need to register for courses to start as of Fall 2020. This second undergrad degree would be 60 credits and I am hoping to get it done over 4 back to back semester including summer. My hope is to apply to medical school in nov 2021.

I am aiming to do all of this while maintaining full time work. Since courses are now online due to Covid,, I can probably manage this for a semester or two but am I really overextending myself to think I can work full time ( my job is very demanding) and study full time and get A grades in a full course load? My second undergraduate is exercise sciences.

As a side note, my partner is extremely supportive and has offered for me to take time off work if I need to but I prefer to work. I Wouldn’t want to burn bridges since there is no guarantee I would get into McGill.

What do you think? Am I on the right track? Or should I take a year sabbatical from work and just focus on my GPA? Any previous success soties would be great too.


Thank you,

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I think you might not be eligible for other Québec med schools (they would consider your first degree marks - but check their website to make sure). You might have to consider if you are willing to apply to other universities that consider only best 2 or 3 years OR most recent 2-3 years (some Ontario med schools do this). Some people apply to only one school once and get in, but that's not the majority. This is why I would suggest looking into different med school options.

I know some people in social sciences (no labs) that worked 25 hrs/week and still had very high grades. However, I personally do not know anyone who was working full time in a science degree (or even 25 hrs/week) and still achieved high grades. I'm not saying you can't do it, but it's something you should be aware of. Even if you are highly motivated, studying for classes simply require time. I worked around 15 hrs/week throughout my undergrad while taking a full course load. For me that was my limit. If I worked more, I would get tired and feel like there was never enough time to study. Working part-time is an option I suggest looking into. 

Good luck!

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Assuming you did your engineer degree in the strongest type of engineer in uLaval (Génie logiciel), you'll have a R score of rougly 27 for 90 credits + the completed bachelor bonus of 0,5.

Assuming that you mean "kinésiologie" by exercice sciences and you get As (not A+), you could finish with a R score of 33 for this bachelor degree. With A+, you could manage a 36.

Which will give you a total R score of 29,7. Too low for the new threshold of 31 at uLaval. But not too low for the "Marché du travail" category. If you get A+, you could MAYBE manage to reach the 31 threshold, but how realistic is it for you to maintain A+ in all classes with a tiny human and a full-time job?

For uSherbrooke, it's a black box, but your engineer GPA will drag you down since only 20% of their spots are available for university candidates and the R-Score is usually higher than 35. But you might be able to be in the R-score range for the Marché du travail category, assuming your second undergrad goes well.

For uMontréal, it's a blacker box than Sherbrooke. :lol:

In Quebec, your best shot will be McGill, where they will consider the best GPA between your 2 bachelor degrees, with no consideration for the discipline.

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