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Hey guys,

After so much creeping and never posting I thought I might as well ask for some of your guys's advice. I've been wanting to be a doctor since I was a kid but I never tried because I didnt think I was smart enough lol so anyways here are the numbers: UGPA is whack, this is the trend 1.9 (had a rough year), 2.7, 3.2, 3.6. Finished a MA with a 3.8-3.9 and havent written the MCAT yet. Should I even try? idk what do you guys think? You can be critical, I'm not soft.

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Hi there! If becoming a physician is your dream & you’re taking the time to ask if it’s worth it or not, I think your gut wants you to go for it. As a second time applicant that was accepted this year, I understand how defeating this process can be. With hard work and focusing on your weak areas, I do believe preserving will take you far. 

NGL just based on your stats, it’s going to take some work. I’m not sure about the GPA scale - percentage conversion, but to have a solid chance of admission I would recommend you shot for a minimum of an 80% average... the higher the better. The MCAT could make up for your lower UGPA, so study hard because that could help you out a lot. The trend in your marks is positive, and your Masters average shows you’ve clearly matured & worked hard throughout your post- secondary education. You should look into the usask med applicants document - I believe if you’re applying with a masters degree they will drop some of your lower marks off your transcript & those wont be used in your UAA calculation. Also keep in mind the MMI is worth 50%... marks aren’t everything. 

Hope this info helped you! Try to remember that the path to medicine isn’t an easy one, but with hard work and determination you have a chance, it just might take a little longer. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. 

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Just to add to this - I also had a rough start to my undergrad (W in a couple classes, D+ in OChem, etc.) but showed a VERY strong upward trend in managed to have a 4.0 in my last 2 years of undergrad and in my Masters. I was accepted this cycle which was my second try and first interview. If you can make it past the cutoffs for USask, which is reasonable if you're IP, then you'll have a decent chance if you rock your interview! If you're OOP then you will need to take some extra time to bring up that GPA and make sure you ace the MCAT... but like skmed257 said above, if this is your dream then you can definitely go for it!!

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