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UoT’s Brief Personal Essay Qns

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8 hours ago, theevilsloth said:

The BPEs seem easier on the surface and less philosophical than last years quesitons 

Gotta agree. Seems a little easier to tie to personal experiences this year, but harder to make really stand out... the most obvious answers to these questions seem pretty cookie-cuttery imo, so seems like the real challenge will be making them unique.

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On 7/12/2020 at 12:51 AM, yesandno said:

It's a complete joke. It's all about how good and believable you lie. That's it. Same as casper.

I don't even know the type of cognitive dissonance you're going to experience with your uoft application and the massive imposter syndrome you'd feel if you get in. If you have philosophical differences with the application just don't apply and go into law/dentistry/business/whatever you agree with

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