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Security job vs join the military reserves

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I understand both jobs are the great, but which one is better in terms of standings out in the extracurricular part of the medical school application? ps just graduated high school, so I will be doing this jobs for around 4 years. and I have a passion for both for both of these career paths.

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No one can ever give a definitive answer on ECs. We dont have all the scoring rubrics, and even if someone did, they'd be NDA protected. 

Security Jobs are notorious for being dead end jobs with few advancement opportunities. They can be interesting (I spent an event back in the day talking life with an older security guard) but you may have your hours assessed as being less impactful if an evaluator thinks all guards do is sit and watch cameras. 

The reserves, on the other hand, look a lot better and are designed to advance people. There are downsides to military service, as with anything, but I would think this opportunities very nature is better for demonstrating CANMEDs. 

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Agree with MedicineLCS. At face value, the military seems to offer greater potential for showcasing CANMEDs roles. I wonder though, if with time, your priorities change (e.g. in 3rd or 4th year university other opportunities present themselves), if being enlisted in the military could "get in the way" with other (better) options. I think it really depends if you have an interest in military service beyond what looks best on a resume.

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