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I just read in the applicant information package that:

(I) INTRODUCTORY LEVEL COURSES. Any introductory level courses completed beyond the numerical maximum allowed by the degree granting institution for the four-year degree will not be considered in the calculation of the UAA. Students delaying the completion of a degree and taking additional credit units in order to meet application requirements must be enrolled in upper level courses.

I can't find information about this. Does anyone know what the numerical maximum of introductory level courses allowed at usask is?

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Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the number of first year classes you can take are determined by an individual’s degree? All that paragraph in the applicant manual is saying is that you can’t overload a 4th or 5th year with 1st year electives to boost your gpa if they are no longer going towards the completion of your degree...  Maybe reach out to a usask counselllor for more info as to how many electives you can take for your specific degree! 

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I believe the maximum amount of 100 level credits differs depending on degrees. For example, a science degree more non optional 100 level introductory classes (physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, math) than arts degrees where senior level classes are permited in place of 100 level classes.

Also, a little off the topic but, similar: 

Does this mean, if I still have not fulfilled the requirments of my degree, as long as I am taking 200 level+ classes, they will be counted towards my UAA? Even if this exceeds the typical 120 credits needed to complete a degree? Will my earlier credits be put towards the UAA calculation or just the most recent 120 credits?



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