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Reapplying after accepting offer/then declining

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Hello! I was accepted in the MDCM program this year but unfortunately, after accepting the offer, I had to decline because of personal/family reasons. I decide not to ask for a deferral since I did not have supporting documents for this request and I really did not think it would be approuved. I am a mom and with covid, the school where my kids go told us that they were planning that school would be part time next year. My kids are very young and can't occupy themselves for hours so it would have been impossible to take care of them/homeschool and do med school at the same time.  My oldest has a hard time with reading, math, etc, and needs a lot of help with that. My husband is very busy with his work and can't take care of the kids that much. In these circumstances, I decided to try again another year for med school. This was a hard decision to make but obviously I have to take my family in considerations in my decision. The day after I declined, the government announced that school would be full time for children... so I am very dissapointed and it wabut I took the best decision I could with the info I had, and I did not want to hold a spot that could be offered to someone that could go to med school in the fall.

I read on this forum that when you are accepted to some med school, you can't reapply or you have to wait years before you can reapply? This seems to be the case for some french schools but I really want to go to mcgill. Does anyone know if I will have problem reapplying? I wrote to med admission a while ago but never got an answer and could not find any rules or regulations about this on the website.


Thanks so much!!



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