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School list for Canadian applying to US med?

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I am currently a research-based master's student studying in Canada.
My GPA is around 3.9 and I have a 514 MCAT score. I have decent volunteering and employment experience (shadowing, hospital volunteering, tutoring, awards, undergrad research). I plan to apply to the following schools and any opinions on my choices will be appreciated:
Central Michigan
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
West Virginia
I know this is a limited list but so many schools either need two semesters of general chem (I only have one) or do not accept P/F credits.
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I obviously don't remember all of them but the following definitely accept Canadian applications too: Georgetown University, Keck School of Medicine, New York Medical College, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University (Ivy League), University of Pittsburgh (very competitive), Virginia Commonwealth University, Wayne State University.

I suggest you purchase full access to MSAR here to see the full list.

There are a total of 55 American institutions that accept Canadian students. 23 of them are public and 32 are private. Generally speaking, public school give preference to in-state candidates. Some schools view Canadian applicants as equal to domestic, so definitely look into those.

TIP: apply in June or July at the latest as most programs have rolling admissions.

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