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14 minutes ago, pnpclear said:

That will depend on the school, unfortunately. Each one of them has their own way of calculating GPAs. 

Is there a school or province in particular you are wondering about?

UofT, Western, Queens, McMaster, UOttawa or any Canadian schools

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"Any Canadian schools" is both broad and narrow, there are 14 (IIRC) English schools. It would be in your own best interests to read up on all of them before accepting random advice from strangers. Schools usually have rules about what kinds of coursework (course loads, degree progression, etc...) allow for wGPA. 

The quick and easy way is to use something like MDBuddy to input your grades and see what happens. It's out of date as of 2020/2021 but this brief summary table is decently close:

Type GPA Method Condition
cGPA (OMSAS and Mac) X.XX Mean. None.
Removes one full course equivalent grade(s) for each year of study from your GPA TO A MAX OF 2. Complete every year of your undergraduate studies on a full-time basis with a full-course load (five full course equivalents). Need to complete at least 3 years.
Ottawa wGPA
3 Year cGPA.  A maximum of one pass/fail graded course per semester may have been completed in accordance with the five courses per semester each year requirement. Need to complete at least 2 years.
Queen's wGPA
2 year most recent GPA (Queen's considers the highest of either the wGPA or cGPA). None
Western wGPA
2 highest years of GPA. Must meet weighting rules.  Need to complete at least 3 years.
UBC pGPA (%)
Mean in percentage form. Letter grades converted to number using UBC specific GPA conversion table. None.
Remove the lowest year GPA. Need to have finished degree, usually, to have enough credits for wGPA.  Your lowest year's credits minus your total credits must be ≥ 90. Need to complete at least 3 years.
Calgary wGPA
Remove the lowest year GPA.  Only full time undergraduate years are considered. Need to complete at least 3 years.
Calgary/Alberta cGPA
Mean using Calgary/Alberta specific GPA conversion table. (THIS IS WRONG, UALBERTA DOES wGPA AS WELL).  None.
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With that list I'm going to assume you are from Ontario, so I'll focus on those right now:

-UofT: looks at all years, wGPA if you were full-time for all of your university years (drops 2 full course equivalents) or cGPA if you are not eligible for wGPA. As long as your 5th year is full time you are eligible for wGPA.

-Western: look at 2 best undergrad years that are full time, have to abide by the 3/5 rule. A special year (year done after graduating with a 4 year undergrad) is ok as long as you are full time, aren't taking pass/fails, and aren't taking 1st year courses or 2nd year courses with no 1st year prereqs. A 5th year is also ok if you are full time and abide by the 3/5 rule.

-Queens:  2 most recent years of full time studies and cGPA.

-McMaster: cGPA of all years.

-Ottawa: cGPA on the most recent 3 years of full-time study. Has prereqs.  

For other Canadian schools, unless your stats are extremely competitive, it's not necessarily worth applying as OOP.

Someone please correct me if I got something wrong!

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