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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone knows what the application process is for MD/PhD applications like in terms of GPA and cutoffs? I looked at their website and they listed that there are two streams (undergrad applicants and masters applicants) but no other details so I was wondering if anyone has insights on this? I am a masters student from Alberta btw.

Thank you in advance.

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I second the previous poster on contacting Admissions to know for sure.

Ottawa is switching to cGPA this coming cycle so it's hard to know for sure what the cut-off might be. Historically speaking, WGPA cut-off for OOP Anglophone applicants is 3.87, and it is the same for both the undergrad and grad streams (they don't give wiggle room for grad applicants but do apply if your CGPA is around that range since we don't know what the CGPA cutoff might change to this year). For an MD/PhD application, you'd also need a separate set of references that can speak to your ability/potential in research.

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