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Hi everyone,

I am currently a hospital pharmacist and have completed a clinical pharmacy residency. This was a year long program that included about 8 different clinical rotations (ie. emerg, ICU, psychiatry etc) usually x 4 weeks each.

My question is, what would be the best way to enter this? I could do it as a single entry (2500+ hours) or break it down into 8ish different entries (ie. emerg rotation x 250hr etc). Any advice or input would be much appreciated.



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Personally, I would keep it as one entry to free up more entries for other things, but that totally depends on how many things you have to say. I filled all 32 entries on my ABS and still had a bunch of stuff I had to cut out, so I would not have been able to spare 8 entries for one thing. The general advice people give is to have quality over quantity on your ABS (20 long-term activities are better than 32 short ones), but it is still good to show that you're a well-rounded person with a fair number of interests/ECs. 32 entries for everything you've done since age 16 is not that much imo. But as I said, in the end it really comes down to you and how many ECs you have. If you truly have the space to spare 8 entries for this, then I would do it, but if not then I would do one entry

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As an allied HCP, I also have clinical rotations I am adding to my ABS and adding on the ‘Others’ Section for all the different rotations I did.

I’m personally adding them as separate entries and only the ones where I’m still in contact w my preceptors to verify it for me and ones I thought made an impact on me. 

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