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So I was going through some old articles made by the Vancouver Sun on UBC Med admissions... and apparently, the admissions process is anonymous!!! I suspected this was the case, but I didn't find definitive "proof" until now. Here's a quote from the article:

"Every effort, from the Multiple Mini Interview format, to the anonymous file review, is made to admit students on the basis of merit alone. In fact, at the time of final selection, all applicants are presented anonymously. The selection committee does not know the applicant’s name, background or gender." Thoughts?

The article in question is here, and it contains some more interesting info on how the process works: https://vancouversun.com/news/staff-blogs/the-report-to-health-minister-on-whether-viha-boss-used-influence-for-sons-ubc-med-school-application.

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18 hours ago, shubeydubeydoo said:

In response to "Thoughts?", I say "Perfect, just how it should be." We want the best of the best to get in, even if we as individuals don't ourselves we'll still be living in a society where doctors exist lol so I would want my doctor to be the best possible doctor and not get in based on connections or anything

Yep I 100% agree! I also think it's really cool how even though they don't look at gender when reviewing applications, the gender ratio of acceptees is never more than 40/60.

I think some may disagree with the anonymous review in that they think it'll limit diversity (i.e. if you don't look at race of applicants, you might end up with a class with few racial minorities). But I understand that diversity of experiences can be just as important as diversity of race. And I assume that an applicant that has diverse experiences is more likely to be empathetic and inclusive of diverse groups.

After all, it's impossible to admit a class that has representation from every single race in existence, so might as well admit people that are likely to be understanding of all peoples.

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There is no perfect selection process, but knowing that it is anonymized to limit subconscious bias and encourage selection based on merit makes me proud to be a part of this year's class :) And I completely agree that selecting candidates with diverse experience likely leads to the selection of candidates who are empathetic, culturally sensitive, and willing to learn. I am content knowing that I was not selected based on who my parents were (not like that would have helped in this case LOL), what I look like, what gender I identify with, etc. and I am excited to get to know all of my talented future classmates. 

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