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BTW Y'ALL ->>>>>> Elantra (where most of our course-related stuff are located) works with our uOzone login. I just logged in and get a detailed class schedule for the upcoming term n

My old school one, I don't want them sending my reset link/password to the email I'm trying to access. 

Diane got back to me saying that the registration email should come a week from this Friday y'all 

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5 minutes ago, dopamineislife said:

Just citizenship document! Did anyone get asked for prereq stuff? 

No. I think the prereq stuff is evident in our transcripts and Chantal had access to it (since Diane was on vacation during that time).

I also got the citizenship document email.

Maybe that was a decent sign that everything is ok? 

Idk. :(

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I am a bit anxious too, but my feeling is that as long as you did whatever courses you said you'd do on OMSAS this past year to meet pre-reqs (if you had anything outstanding) there's rlly no reason there would be any issues at all. This is based on my assumption that there must be some sort of assessment of pre-reqs prior to interview invites?

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