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I'm finishing my BComm in marketing this academic year and am planning on taking all mcat/med school prereqs the following year. I am considering completing these courses at cegep level reason being that my current university tends to split up the lab and theory component of a class to be taken in separate semesters plus the level of difficulty is likely greater at university level. I know a few med students who obtained bachelors in degrees outside of science, went back to cegep to complete their prereqs and ended up attending Montreal-based medical schools (i know McGill, University of Montreal and a few other Quebec med schools will accept cegep courses from an undergrad applicant) but I'm not sure if other Canadian medical schools and US medical schools would as well...I know I could call up each one individually and ask but...If anyone has a general idea of the answer to this question, that would be helpful. Thanks in advance!  



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the UBC english requirement accepts CEGEP english but you need more of them at the cegep level than at the uni level to get the required credit amount

the various requirements at UOttawa can be partially fulfilled through CEGEP, though they require scoring above 70% for them to count (and p sure the biochemistry requirement cannot be fulfilled through cegep)

ofc, all the Quebec schools accept cegep for prereq without discrimination, and you only need to pass them. It does not count in your overall academic performance once you apply as a university graduate as you will be applying

finally, i think the rest of the schools that are frequent options for Quebec residents in Ontario/RoC don't require any prereqs.

For USA, idk exactly, but I can tell you CEGEP grades do not count in your AMCAS (us med school common app) GPA. I remember anecdotally reading US prefers prereq grades from college and not "community college", which is what CEGEP is often considered equivalent to over there even tho it is not the same. But you should check on SDN forums, or individual schools in USA you are interested in

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