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How to know if you are a good or bad clerk?

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I think it really comes down to your attitude,  willingness to learn, and being respectful to all those around you. When it comes to medical knowledge, I always feel like I know nothing when I start a rotation. However, If you’re positive, interested, and respectful, you’ll do well in whatever rotation you’re in. Nurses and patients will praise you in front your preceptors and your preceptor will likely give you good feedback on evals/ offer to write you reference letters.

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I think if residents/staff compliment you on your knowledge/work ethic etc, then you know you are doing well. I know if I run into a medical student that I've felt was doing well, i try to let them know because I remember how hard it is to be at the bottom of the totem pole and not sure if you are doing well. Although, if residents/staff aren't doing that, it doesn't mean you aren't doing well, just ask and they will give you honest feedback. 

I think if you have good patient care, patient's will compliment you, sometimes in front of the team. 

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