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No problem :)

Technically they're due today (July 31) but given COVID, it seems the deadline may be a little more lenient. This is taken from their website :

Regarding transcript submission

Applicants will be required to upload one unofficial copy of each post-secondary school listed in your application. The upload portal is located in Section 2 of the online application. Unofficial transcripts must include , your name and identifying information of the institution. Unofficial transcripts must be in one of the following formats [PDF (preferred) , JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, GIF]

PLEASE NOTE: Dalhousie transcripts, both official and unofficial (if applicable) are not required to be submitted or uploaded  as the Admissions Office is able to access these internally, once you application has been submitted.

Along with the unofficial transcript upload if you are currently still able to request official transcripts to be sent  by mail or by secure web portal or email directly from the school please do so now using the email address medicine.admissions@dal.ca and they will be filed with your application once it is submitted. Official transcripts will be required to be sent to the Faculty of Medicine Admissions Office when COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. 


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15 hours ago, AKtoQC said:

Kill me now, I forgot to pay the fee because I was so wrapped up getting ready for my MCAT on the 31st. 

I paid for the WES eval, it was like 250$. 

I feel sooo stupid. :confused:

Good luck y'all! 

Call admissions, explain your situation, and see if they can work something out!

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