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Advice on Out of Province Application

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I'm a grad student outside of Alberta working on my PhD and I was wondering on my chances on getting into U of C. I visited Calgary last year and really liked the city, plus there are some research clinicians at U of C who I'd really like to work with due to their strength in my field.

My undergrad had annual GPAs of:

Year 1: 3.64

Year 2: 3.47

Year 3: 3.68

Year 4: 3.91

Year 5: 3.94

According to their calculator, my GPA is 3.76, but that doesn't include my grad courses unfortunately. 

I also had an MCAT CARS score of 129. 

I've recently gotten 2 publications in journals with impact factors of 20 and 11, and am planning on having 2 more by the time I graduate. I've gotten a Canadian Graduate Scholarship (Master's level), and 2 Ontario Graduate Scholarships so far. 

What do my chances look like and does anyone have any advice on how I can improve my chances? I have considered taking additional courses and re-writing the MCAT, but some advice would be really appreciated. 


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Honestly it is very difficult to tell with UofC. Your GPA is low for an out of province applicant, which might hold you back a little bit. Your CARS score is competitive though so that's good! When it comes to UofC, a lot of the application comes down to how you actually write it. There is a huge emphasis put on the Top 10, which can make or break an applicant. I am not sure on the types of activities/experiences you intend to include, but I highly highly highly suggest you take a lot of time thinking about experiences that impacted you as a person and then even more time writing, and re-writing those experiences. I don't think re-writing the MCAT would do you any good and unless you are taking 18 credits per semester, additional courses will not help either. So yeah, really focus on the Top 10, reach out to current med students to review your writings, and put your best foot forward. 

Good luck :) 

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Your odds are 0% since:


Non-Alberta residents require a minimum GPA of 3.80. We do not round up the GPA, for example, a GPA of 3.79 does not meet criteria. All non-Albertan applicants who meet the minimum GPA and CARS cut off of at least 128 will undergo file review


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I don't think you can apply unless your GPA is greater than 3.8. Your accomplishments are really impressive but without the minimum GPA, your file will just be screened out automatically. With their new graduate GPA policy, it is nearly impossible to improve your GPA if you are in a research based degree. 


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