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Hello! A massive chunk of my life has been dedicated to my sport, so I have like 20 entries relating to it (lol). I definitely don't have the typical premed profile so if there's anyone willing to help I'd massively appreciate it! I want to do my experiences justice and would appreciate any guidance for writing my entries. Please message me if you have experience listing sports on the ABS :) 

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There are def great skills learning and demonstrated through sport - I too found that I had a lot of sports entires, but I grouped a lot of them together. ie. I put all my high school team sports as one entry - “student athlete” and then explained which sports I played and what teams I had leadership roles on. Then I grouped all of my undergrad intramurals and then group grad degree intramurals, with a few stand alone entries when it felt appropriate. 

I would say my general feeling is that you might not want to overload you ABS with individual entries that may get repetitive. A stand alone entry should be unique/ significant in some way. Someone else might be able to offer you a different perspective but that is my general advice! 

good luck! 

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there's nothing wrong with a sports heavy ABS, so long as it's not literally the only thing you've done. Just emphasize canMED roles when you write your ABS & essays. Use your discretion- as the above poster said, 15 more-or-less identical entries will come across badly, so make sure each role touches on different parts of the framework.

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