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Littmann Classic III vs Littmann Cardiology IV

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Physical exams are more specific than they are sensitive: in other words, the point is to find pathology, not reassure yourself there is an absence of pathology. However, while the initial goal is to learn the maneuvers, as your skills improve, so will your sensitivity. The way I see it is that the lower level of training you have, the better your equipment should be to increase your sensitivity. This is also something  a cardiologist told me when I self-effacingly admitted the having a cardiology IV. He also said that a better stetho really makes a difference. Finally, as a med student with the cardio IV, I have picked up subtle murmers that others have missed - and one turned out the be pathological. 

We spend 80 000 on our tuition but try and cut a few hundred on our equipement (get a proper Queens square reflex hammer!).

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Even some cardiologists don't carry a stethoscope. Honestly, the stethoscope is becoming a relic of the past. It will doesn't matter but i'd imagine most med students get the Cardio IV so if you just want to fit in get the Cardio IV. Like toxicmegacolon said, I wouldn't sweat the few extra hundred bucks.


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Most of my classmates have the cardiology 4, one thing I've noticed is that the larger bell/diaphragm is easier to hold + I'm sure it's better for detecting murmurs, although I've also heard it can pick up random noises and actually make it more difficult to learn how to auscultate as a trainee. I have the classic 3 and it does the job fine, I don't regret not spending the extra $ on the more advanced model tbh. If I had to do it again, I would probably stick with the classic 3 unless I wanted to pursue a specialty that tends to use a stethoscope more often.

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