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Is the Midwifery undergrad at mcmaster Good for medical school??

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I believe from another post that you may be just finishing high school and I want to note that this program does take some high school students but the vast majority of their accepted applicants have already completed at least part of a degree. Additionally, they regularly receive 400+ applicants for only 30 spots so it is quite a competitive program to get into (for anyone, not just high school students)! This doesn’t mean that you won’t get in of course and you would get some great clinical experience in the program! I am not sure what the grading is like (how tough it is to get a good GPA but I assume not too tough as it is a small program where they seem to want you to succeed). Another nice thing is that midwifery is a career in itself so after graduating you would be able to work if it takes multiple application cycles for med instead of wondering what to do, or you may figure out you prefer midwifery and already have a career. However, I do want to note that if you do get in there are hundreds of other people who likely were really trying to get into midwifery in order to make a career out of it and it may not be very popular as a premed program for that reason (the administrators may not look too keenly on using it as a stepping stone to med either). I think that nursing may have some similar issues but there are always nursing grads who are accepted to med. Others may know more about if there’s a stigma towards nurses/midwifes during med applications. I hope this helps!

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13 hours ago, Biohedonist said:

I am interested in applying for the midwifery program at McMaster. Do you think this would be a good undergrad for med school? 
Please let me know 


Best advice I'ver ever heard/given in regards to choosing an undergrad is this: pick something you genuinely enjoy and are passionate about. Here's why:


1) Being in a program you enjoy will make you much more likely to work hard in school, and it will feel more effortless than it would if you forced yourself into a program you didn't enjoy.

2) Building off of 1, you'll be busy in other aspects of your life (working, keeping up with ECs, social life, etc.) and being in a program that you enjoy will make you far more likely to be satisfied with those areas of your life as well.

3) Opinions change, and you may decide down the road that you don't want to do medicine. Thus, if you're using your degree solely as a stepping stone to med school and change your mind, you may end up being quite unhappy with yourself.


Alternatively, you can pursue an undergrad that serves as a good backup, but again I would only do so if it's something you think you would genuinely enjoy.

All in all, pursue what you're passionate about and everything will fall in place :) If it's midwifery, then absolutely I think you should pursue that!

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I would say, if you want to go into a Midwifery program cause you would be happy to have a career as a Midwife and it's a program that really interests you, then go for it. But if you're doing it ONLY to help you get into medical school, then it's probably not a good idea. 


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