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Non-degree year OR Extra degree year?? (Canadian)

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Hi everyone,

I am absolutely determined to get into a Canadian medical school. Im from Ontario, and I go to school at U of Guelph. I am entering my 4th year of my Bsc. Microbiology (Neuroscience minor) this fall, and here is my current standing of GPA (Fall and Winter semesters, with the year average) so far:

First year: 2.24, 2.76 = 2.5

Second year: 3.12, 3.26 = 3.19

Third year: 2.66, 3.91 = 3.33

Fourth year: entering in September 2020

Fifth year: entering in September 2021

I know my grades are not good, you don't need to tell me that. However, I am on an uphill trend (aside from 1st semester of third year due to a SINGLE class that I almost failed.. I went to therapy, it was a whole thing). Im also doing my MCAT for the second time this summer (end of August), and I am aiming for a high 5-teens (516+). Other background about me: lots of volunteering/work experience including Pharmacy Assistant, lots of school club involvment including presidency, and I work in a research lab (1 pub submitted and another manuscript on the way).

I am absolutely determined to get a 4.0 in my 4th year, but I want to return to Guelph to do a 5th year as well. My question is about what kind of 5th year. I can either graduate as planned in 2021 and return as a Non-Degree student to do a full 5th year that way, OR I can just extend my degree and add an additional year into my BSc (therefore graduating in 2022).  I don't know which one would help me more for GPA. If I do a non degree year, I'll most likely do a MSc. (thesis based) if I don't get in after. If I do an additional degree year, I might consider doing a 6th year, or MSc. 

Please help! Any advice is useful! 

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21 minutes ago, lidocaine said:

If you have completed your degree and go back for courses as pre-req’s, dothe ontario schools just take the gpa from your degree and acknowledge that you’ve done the other courses?

That depends, if you're repeating courses they will most likely not take the new grade. What you're describing seems like a non-degree, and some schools take the grades and some schools don't (U of T does, and I think Western does too but only if its 1 year - they call it a "special year").  Some schools won't take the non-degree year if its on a different transcript (like mac). 

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