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I was reviewing the new wGPA policy on UofT's website and this note about NCR/CR courses stuck out to me. 

CR/NCR or pass/fail courses are removed first before any numerically graded courses as per the wGPA. These courses still count towards your full course load. Winter 2020 CR/NCR courses are excluded as an exception from being dropped according to the wGPA.

This sentence confused me. Will I still be allowed to drop 2.0 FCE in addition to my P/F courses in Winter 2020, or are they included as part of 2.0 FCE??? I currently have 1.0 FCE as P/F in my Winter semester and I'm worried that this means I'll only be allowed to drop one more FCE...

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That does sound confusing. My understanding of it is that it will not be counted towards the 2FCEs that they will drop in calculating the wGPA because it says it's excluded from being dropped - this is the exception to the rule about CR/NCR courses being dropped first. In other words, yes you should be able to have 2.0 FCEs dropped in addition to any P/F courses you had in Winter 2020. 

This also makes sense because some universities only did CR/NCR for winter 2020 so it wouldn't be fair to students from these unis to count winter 2020 CR/NCR towards the 2.0FCEs. I suggest you confirm with UofT just in case though. 

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