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COVID-19 research on OMSAS application

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I'm hoping someone could offer some advice. I work in research at a hospital, and since April have been doing COVID research in a redeployment position. Unfortunately we have not published any work (nor will anything likely be published before this application cycle is due). Because this was beyond the scope of my regular work activities, and because it is covid research, I was hoping to highlight separate from my job it on my application. I was wondering if anyone could recommend how I could include this on my application?

Thanks in advance!!

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Generally speaking, if a manuscript isn't written/submitted or if you haven't presented at a conference etc, it shouldnt be included as research. Under employment, in the character section just describe what you are doing as succinctly and clearly as possible. Reviewers generally have a good sense of what you did if its written clearly 


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You can absolutely include research on an OMSAS application that isn't published. All you do is put it in the research section and list the type of publication as "ongoing study" or something like that. This is super common and completely acceptable by schools! I know multiple people (myself included) who volunteered in labs during undergrad (no publications involved whatsoever) and listed it under the research section. Your example is even more qualified than that

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