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Hey everyone,

I'm currently entering my 3rd year of biochemistry at uOttawa and I was thinking of applying to med this year. The only issue I have with my app is the fact that I took 4 courses a semester during the fall term of my first year. I immediately took a supplementary course during the spring/summer term (of my first year) to replace the missing credits. My question is if I should be concerned that this could possibly ruin all of my chances at medschool in Ottawa? 


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From my knowledge, as long as you supplement that course during the summer that you missed in your first semester you should be okay! I have a lot of friends that did a similar thing (Biomed at uOttawa) and they got interviews/accepted. If you want to be 100% sure its okay, I would contact the admissions office. Also, IF they do say your first year is ineligible (I don't think they will), once you finish your 4th year your 1st year won't count anymore because uOttawa only looks at your 3 most recent years.

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