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University of Alberta Accelerated Nursing Program Difficulty?

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Hi, to any students who have entered or graduated from the 2 year Nursing after degree at the UofA, I was just wondering how difficult you found it to maintain a high GPA compared to your bachelor's degree you obtained prior? Would it be realistic to reliably maintain a 3.8-4.0 with rigorous studying alone? I ask because I'm interested in some after-degree diplomas which consider undergrad GPA, and I've heard that accelerated nursing programs are difficult.

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I didn't do the program at UofA, but the one at UofC. I found the program a great learning experience, however the exams were difficult and they marked hard for essays/projects. The nursing program has it's own grading scale compared to the rest of UofC (completely deflates your GPA tbh), not sure if the scale is the same or modified compared to 4 years ago. I think to get a 4.0 you needed about >92%. My total average was about 84-85% (I worked hard for it), and I ended with a 3.5. I have a ton of experience under my belt now in healthcare, but need to go back to school for 2 years to boost my GPA now. Bitter sweet.

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