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I requested mine over 1.5 months ago. I know that it took my undergrad 2 weeks to process my request due to COVID-19. So we've lost about 2 weeks there.

Then, depending on where your undergrad is located, it will take mailing time (Canada Post told me 10 days these days from Ontario to Alberta).

Only then Calgary will get the mails. They will still need time to gather all of them and upload, so I think generally it will take over a month.

My undergrad said they mailed my transcript on July 20th, and Calgary posted it on Aug 11th. So yeah, takes a long time. I don't think there's anything to worry about.

My U of A Masters transcript still says it didn't arrive at Calgary, even so it should have arrived earlier than my undergrad transcript from Ontario! Frustrating :/

PS. I requested my transcript on 4th of July.

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In the same boat. My Ucalgary transcripts got there (sent on the 22nd) but my Ottawa Transcripts (sent on July 10) have not been shown as received. I think because they are working from home and there are thousands of transcripts to  go over. I’m sure if you sent it in early july - mid August then all is well. Try not to stress. 

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