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Hello future doctor, 

Congratulations on starting medical school! We hope you enjoy our presentations at student orientation, as our President, Dr. Samantha Hill, and our President-elect, Dr. Adam Kassam, share their personal experiences with medical school, and why we can’t wait for you to  join the Ontario Medical Association (OMA).

The OMA is ready to support you on your journey of becoming one of Ontario’s Doctors. We are here to help you succeed as a medical student, prepare you for your residency and in time, setting up a medical practice. And as a member, we’ll keep you connected and informed on matters that affect the profession and public, through our OMA app, President’s Update, social media channels (@ontariodoctors), Scrub-in (OMA’s publication for Ontario medical students) and the Ontario Medical Review (OMR).

If you haven’t joined the OMA yet, we’ve attached a snapshot of what you can expect with an OMA Membership.

Have questions?

Our team is standing by, ready to help.

OMA Insurance Education & Engagement Specialists

Rehana Adam: University of Toronto & University of Ottawa

Sarah Tufts McMaster University & Western University

Marta Hano: Queen's University &  Northern School of Medicine


OMA Advantages Program for exclusive member discounts

Rebeca Lewy


Become a member of the OMA

Take advantage of the services and programs that have been designed just for you. Visit content.oma.org/students or contact membership@oma.org for more information.



Your Ontario Medical Association

Doctors. We lead you to better health.

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