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Residency location + job market for radiology?

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Hi all,

Thinking that I will very likely be applying to radiology, although I have a few unanswered questions I was hoping to get some help with:

1. I was wondering how much residency location matters for job prospects (ie. if I do residency in Ontario/East Coast school and eventually want a job in BC/AB/other side of the country)? Would doing residency in a different province than my end goal restrict my job prospects, even if I end up being a reasonably competitive job applicant by the end of residency? What if I did a fellowship in the area I want to work?

2. What makes a competitive job applicant in radiology (ie. is it residency location/fellowship status/fellowship location/research productivity/LoRs)?

3. I know the job market will wax and wane in the next 6-8 years before I would end up in the job market, but is it currently very difficult to get jobs in big cities (I'm thinking of Toronto/Vancouver)? 

Thanks :)

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