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Hi! You can try to call your bank (if you paid with credit card) and ask to speak to a dispute agent. Then request them to initiate a chargeback for services not provided (i.e. if Visa it would be under Condition 13.1 Merchandise/Services Not Received). I would look more into this if I were you. There has to be some consumer protection! :-) 


Sorry this happened to you..... that's why I hate these services too. Hope it works out

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Ahh classic *B*e*M*o* wont be using any of their services whatsoever. Predatory, youtube ad throat shoving, scummy people. 

Edit: This certain company is now threatening to OP with legal action. OP has taken down his/her post because of fear of legal action. However, I have a constitutional freedom of speech so they can suck it

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2 hours ago, MovedOnFromMed said:

I appreciate the kind words, there is someone that recently posted a negative review on their trustpilot that did this exact thing and they seem to be taking him/ her to court. 

Apparently it's in the fineprint of their terms and conditions that they won't refund any money after 5 days of enrollment regardless of whether the service is used or not/ whatever circumstances you might be in.

The person fighting them on it has a team of lawyers and I'm hopeful that they succeed. However I cannot afford to pay anyone should this company attempt to take me to court as well. I honestly am ready to just cut my losses and move on. 


Just goes to show, positive reviews don't mean a thing some times. This company has thousands but I'm wondering how many others they've shut up under threat of legal action. 

This situation really does seem nasty and unpleasant - sorry you are dealing with sort of stuff at what is already a challenging time!

I am not sure what legal response they would be taking but I will take I have found similar companies simply threaten anyone with legal action but don't actually take it. It is a cheap card to play - it scares people of course. They have threatened me in the past, they have threatened this forum in the past......they are annoying. When you actually push back they have for me at least simply vanished. (oh and if anyone at this point wants to threaten me again I just say good luck. I didn't budge when you threatened me as a medical student, I am unlikely to budge now as a staff. I don't like bullies.)

in regards to the rest - good luck with whatever you decide to do next! 


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